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Since its inception in 2018, EHAI has worked with grassroots communities, local and national governments to co-create programs and projects integrated into a national healthcare system.

HIV awareness

HIV awareness, testing, prevention, and linkage to and retention in care)

Water, Hygiene and Sanitation

Maternal and child health

EHAI global impact indicates our commitment to

Strengthen health system by

developing a skilled health care workforce in partnership with national and local governments that can be integrated into national healthcare priorities for sustainability.

Access to Public Health

Envision Health Access Initiative believes that access to public health and essential health care services and education are tools to break the circle of poverty and barriers and create a better future for vulnerable children and their families. Our global impact indicates the commitment to scale-up early infant diagnosis (HIV), prevention of mother-to-child transmission, PrEP education and promotion using disruptive technologies.

Promoting good health

EHAI programs promote good health and well-being by linking vulnerable and marginalized populations to essential health services. EHAI promotes reproductive health (maternal and infant health), sanitation, water, and hygiene in impoverished communities.

Meet Our Team

Team Members

Dr. Elisha Caldwell, DHA,MPH

Dr. Elisha Caldwell, DHA,MPH

Founder and CEO
  • Position :Founder and CEO

Elisha was born in Liberia, Africa. He emigrated from Liberia through Sierra Leone as a refugee. During his journey he was internally displaced many times before he settled in the United States of America. He has worked in Sierra Leone, South Sudan, Liberia and the USA. Dr. Eli holds a Masters degree in Global Public Health and his Doctorate in Healthcare Management and Administration. With more than 10 years experience in the global healthcare system he is an expert in leadership, program planning, implementation and evaluation. The idea for Envision started in South Sudan, the sum of Elisha’s life experiences, his refugee journey, and his education. He was drawn to return to humanitarian work as “part of a global citizenship effort to improve the livelihood of vulnerable people and communities.” Envision was founded in 2018 as his passion project.

Steve Mullins, MBA

Steve Mullins, MBA

Chief Financial Officer

Steve Mullins, the Chief Financial Officer for Envision Health Access Initiative, has 37 years’ experience in international business, with postings and experience in Japan and Germany as well as US, the last 25 in positions of general management, including operations, finance and accounting. He holds a MBA in finance and management from California State University. He holds a Black belt certification in six sigma. He has led global companies with responsibility of $100MM+ in Asia, Europe and North America and consulted some 60+ companies in financial restructuring and fiscal management.

Deconktee Jallah

Deputy Country Director - Liberia

Our Commitment

What we represent?

EHAI works within the community to make access to essential health and public health services readily accessible for persons living with HIV.
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