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According to PEPFAR the prevalence of HIV in Liberia is about 1%. An estimated 35,009 people in Liberia were living with HIV in 2018. Female-sex-workers (FSW) and men who have sex with men (MSM) have disproportionate HIV rates in Liberia (16% and 37.9%).

The UNAIDS and PEPFAR goals to reduce HIV/AIDS to 95-95-95 levels by 2030 were established in 2003 and in the 2017 National Catch-Up Plan for Liberia, the Liberian government acknowledged that the nation was seriously behind its needed progress toward reaching those goals by the target date and “new and creative methods” were needed to change the trajectory of progress in hopes to accelerate the reduction desired in HIV/AIDS infection rates and improvement of VL suppression of PLWH. FHI360 has taken on this challenge and already demonstrated that deployment of best practices in treatments and technology can make measurable progress toward these goals. EHAI, a nonprofit organization focused on the same HIV/AIDS prevention goals in Africa is proposing to assist in these ongoing efforts with local-based intervention and counseling.